Definition - Bicycle Type

The Bicycle Type is what allows for bikes to be differentiated from one-another. The Bike Type depends upon the following things

  • Intended purpose- What the bike is to be used for (this includes whether the bike is used for sport, or for other purposes, such as communiting, commerce, etc)
  • Structure - What the bike is made of, how it is constructed.
    • Frame type - The main body of the bike
    • Gearing type - The system of gears that the bike uses
    • Propulsion type - How the bike is powered and moves.
    • Seating type - How the rider stays on the bike
    • Rider type - The type of, or number of riders intended to be used
  • Aesthetics - How the bike looks

On this wiki, all, or as many of these indicators are used to identify a bike. This allows the person intending to repair or maintain that bike to understand and expect how that bike should function and ultimately how to repair or maintain it.