About BikeRepair Wiki

About BikeRepair Wiki

The bike repair wiki is a wiki created to centralise knowledge about repairing bikes so that it is available to everyone, both in developing and developed countries. 

Why was it created?

It was created to empower bicycle owners to repair their own bicycles and also to encourage people to repair what they have rather than simply discard of it when it does not work. Also, so much of this information is learned and then discarded. 

Who can edit?

Anyone can edit.

Any goals?

    • To create a repair manual which is free, public, editable, and multi-lingual which anyone can use to repair and maintain their bike.
    • To create a “new bike user" manual, which provides new bike owners with useful information on how to keep their bike in good shape. 
    • To cut through bullshit and provide clear definitions and clear explanations that anyone can use to repair and maintain their bike.
    • To catalog bike components and log any information about recalls and product defects.
    • To provide people an easy reference so that, if they want to replace parts on their bikes, they can come here and find out which parts will fit their bicycles